In my role as a Life & Recovery Coach, it’s not about what I think I know. It’s about all that I’ve experienced as a woman and as someone in long-term recovery. Coupled with my struggles in addiction, the ‘me too’ of my lived experience gives valuable insight that allows me to ask you the questions that will get to the heart of where you want to go because I’ve been there!

For instance, has anyone ever said something to you like, “The problem with you is you think you know stuff.”

Me too

As a matter of fact, there was a time when words like that would cut me deep. So deep that somehow, some way the conversation would end with me apologizing and feeling bad about myself.

Maybe you can relate

Have you ever been jealous of the success of others? Me too!

Have you ever struggled with how to ‘be’ in a relationship, intimate or otherwise? Me too!

Have you ever struggled as a parent, been annoyed and lost your temper? Me too!

Have you ever wanted to try something like skiing, or writing a blog or some sort of new hobby but you were so full of doubt and insecurity that the fears kept you from even starting? Me too!

Have you ever felt lazy, or like too much of this or not enough of that? Me too!

Have you ever zoned out on social media, Netflix, books, or taking more courses because in reality you’re too afraid to do what you really want to do out in the world? Me too!

When you’ve done something to be proud of you give yourself about 5 minutes to soak it all in before you start criticizing yourself about what you should’ve done differently? Me too!

Getting stuck in a rut can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Even in long-term recovery.

And that’s where I come in

To be clear, I am NOT a therapist. It’s NOT my job to assess you or look at your past and help you deal with any trauma you’ve experienced. Likewise, Coaching should not serve as a replacement for any care you’re currently receiving. I’m here to compliment and add value to the work you’re already doing!

My job as a Coach is to meet you exactly where you’re at, find out where you really want to go and support you with compassion, accountability and maybe even a new perspective to achieve the goals YOU CHOOSE for yourself!

Let’s face it, there is nobody who knows you better than you know yourself. Yet another perspective and the right questions might just lead you to uncover the answers that already exist inside of you to take you down the path of fulfilling your deepest desires!

So there you have it! What are you waiting for?

Visit my website and book a FREE 30-minute discovery call so we can decide if we’re a good fit. What have you got to gain? xo